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Toshiba is prepared to merge its mobile-phone
Date: 1/31/2002

Toshiba is prepared to merge its mobile-phone business with that of Germany’s Siemens AG. Last year, Siemens and Toshiba set up a joint venture to develop Internet-enabled third-generation (3G) mobile phones. Telecom equipment maker Ericsson and Toshiba rival Sony also recently announced plans to set up a joint venture for the developing and marketing of mobile phones. Siemens is the world’s fourth-largest mobile-phone maker and number two in Europe. (Handelsblatt).

Capcon adds "Biohazard" game to J-Sky Web
Date: 2/9/2001

Game maker Capcon has introduced its “Biohazard” (“Oni-musha”) game on its official J-Sky web site that uses J-Sky’s Java-appli capability. Called “Biohazard Zombie-Buster,” the game is a mobile version of its popular shooting game series, “Biohazard.” Players select from traditional Biohazard characters with either massive attack power or continuous firing capability, and then control their actions as they attempt to drive back an army of zombies. In addition to zombies, users encounter a range of other characters familiar from the Biohazard series, including giant snakes and crows and various tyrants. The game costs 300 yen per month, and can be found via the “Game Pack” menu on J-Sky’s “Java Appli” menu.

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