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Mobile Media Japan was founded in April of 1999 to provide news, research and consulting, and project management to companies seeking entry into Japan's mobile marketplace. Mobile Media Japan offers the following services:

MMJ Professional Services:

  • Custom Research & Reports
    MMJ produces custom research and reports on wireless and IT in Japan for businesses, venture capitalists, and investors. All research and interviews are conducted first-hand in Japan, and reports are tailored to clients' specific needs.
  • Consulting Services
    MMJ provides strategic consulting for wireless and IT firms entering or expanding in the Japanese market. We have direct connections to all of Japan's major carriers, handset manufacturers and content aggregators, with a track record of successfully launched products and services.
  • Project Management
    MMJ provides project management for companies seeking assistance in developing, executing and operating services in Japan. To insure your success, we apply a structured project methodology to plan, implement, track and deliver your project on time and within budget. We offer a full spectrum of services that can be customized to your requirements.
Website Services:
  • Daily News, Information and Developer Resources
    MobileMediaJapan.com is the only Japan-based independent English-language daily news service devoted exclusively to Japan's mobile and wireless industry. The website now serves as the most authoritative and reliable resource for information on Japan's wireless technologies, services and business trends.

  • Free Weekly Headline Service
    Through its website and its free weekly Newsletter Service, MMJ Weekly, MMJ provides around 20 original articles and 100 web headline story summaries and links each month. To subscribe, visit the website and enter your name and email address in the NEWSLETTER sign-up box on our home page.
  • MMJ Advertising
    MMJ offers uniquely targeted online and offline advertising opportunities for conference groups and product makers via its website, opt-in Weekly Headline service, and affiliated print publications in Japan.
Website Background

Originally founded by Andrea Hoffmann as Anima: Japanese Mobile Community in May 2000, the website was acquired, renamed and re-launched as Mobile Media Japan in October 2000.
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